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Black Lab

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Black Lab :: Live at the Mercury :: CD-Quality Audio Download

Audio only. CD-quality AIFFs of our excellent night in New York. 100 minutes and 19 songs of music, as well as 8 bonus trax of stories, snafus, dumb jokes and laughs. Dig in!

Check out the track listing: ThisShipGoesDownDeep, WashItAway, UnfamiliarSky, SeeTheSun, StartAFire, PartOfMe, Weightless, Remember, ThisNight, Gravity, SomethingInside, TimeAgo, MineAgain, CircusLights, Further, Fall, LearnToCrawl, DreamInColor, ThePainIsGone, Talking01_Tuning, Talking02_iPhone, Talking03_Roadies, Talking04_HowToSing, Talking05_SteveAndAmy, Talking06_ThankYou, Talking07_SignYourBoobs, Talking08_DreamIntro

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