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Black Lab :: Live at the Mercury :: Audio/Video Bundle

Video AND Audio files.

“Live Acoustic at the Mercury Lounge,” recorded at our excellent NYC show in 2014 and featuring 100 minutes of pristine HD video and 19 songs in CD quality files, is available now as a high-resolution download.

We had an amazing night and can’t wait to share it with you -- lots of music, laughing, stories, dumb jokes, tears, ecstasy, and sharing. The video includes an intermission with exclusive interview footage of us talking about the show, A Raven Has My Heart, and the Kickstarter campaign that made it all possible.

Check out the track list:

ThisShipGoesDownDeep, WashItAway, UnfamiliarSky, SeeTheSun, StartAFire, PartOfMe, Weightless, Remember, ThisNight, Gravity, SomethingInside, TimeAgo, MineAgain, CircusLights, Further, Fall, LearnToCrawl, DreamInColor, ThePainIsGone, Talking01_Tuning, Talking02_iPhone, Talking03_Roadies, Talking04_HowToSing, Talking05_SteveAndAmy, Talking06_ThankYou, Talking07_SignYourBoobs, Talking08_DreamIntro

Included is three .mov video files -- Set 1, Intermission, and set 2 -- as well as a .zip file of all the CD-quality audio files. More than 7 gigs of hi-res audio and video. Go here to download VLC, the best media player for PCs and Macs, in order to watch the video:


3 MOV and 1 ZIP
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